Kia Aroha College offers NCEA courses to all students from Year 10 to 13.

Kia Aroha College has the following areas of speciality and strength:

  • Māori and Pasifika Education
  • Te Reo Rangatira me ona Tikanga – Māori Language and Custom (Te Whanau o Tupuranga)
  • Computers and Information Technology
  • Bilingual Education
  • Middle Schooling
  • Curriculum Integration
  • Critical, Social Justice Learning
  • Student Support
  • Performing Arts – Kapa Haka and Pasifika Arts
  • Non-Violence / Bully Free programmes

Years 7 to 9 (Forms 1– 3)

All students cover the full New Zealand Curriculum, offering well balanced and up to date programmes in the learning areas of

  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • English
  • Learning Languages:
    • Māori, Samoan, Tongan
  • Social Sciences
  • Science
  • Technology
  • Health and Physical Education
  • The Arts
  • Information, Communications Technology

Years 10 to 13 (Forms 4 to 7)

In the Senior School we believe learning must be individually personalised to the learner, to their interests, strengths and career pathways.  The following links show the possible selections and progression through each NCEA Level, as well as other NCEA and Careers information.  Our goal is for all students to complete Level 3 NCEA and achieve University Entrance standards or admission to further study towards tertiary qualifications and/or trades.  Each student will be involved in mentoring and negotiation with senior staff regarding their programmes and choices.