Warrior Scholars
The term “Warrior-Scholars” describes young people who are strong leaders for the future with high achievement, both in “academic” and cultural knowledge, secure cultural identity, who can act as critical advocates and agents of change for their whanau, in their communities and in our society.

Original Motto

“Kia Aroha” (through love/caring) was the original motto for Clover Park Intermediate School since its establishment in 1980.

Logo in 1995

It was maintained as the Clover Park Middle School motto after the change of class and development of a new logo in 1995.

School Marae

In 1998 we first opened our school marae, using existing refurbished buildings. Two years later, in 2000, we blessed the original carvings on our Wharenui. On this occasion kaumatua formally gave the Wharenui and the marae the name, “Kia Aroha”. These original carvings now form the Waharoa (entrance way) at the side entrance to the new Te Whānau o Tupuranga buildings which opened in 2008.

The Principle of Aroha

The principle of aroha – authentic, genuine love and care, are fundamental to whānaungatanga – the basis of our existing schools’ philosophies and the designated character of our new merged school: – To provide an holistic Māori – Pasifika learning environment based on the philosophy and practice of whānaungatanga.

'Our Kids'

"It is also a crucial aspect of our critical, social justice approach to curriculum, and our focus on positive relationships, where we talk consistently in our school documentation about “our kids” – not “other people’s children” (Delpit, 1996).


Aroha is a concept well understood by our Māori and Pasifika communities. It retains aspects of both schools, captures our history and represents all of three schools (Clover Park Intermediate, Clover Park Middle & Te Whānau o Tupuranga) which have been part of our 30+ years ‘journey’.