Health Policy and Programme

A board may adopt any method of consultation that it considers appropriate but it may not adopt a statement on the delivery of the health curriculum until it has:

  • Prepared the statement in draft; and
  • Given members of the school community an adequate opportunity to comment on the draft statement; and
  • Considered any comments received.

The NZ Health and Physical Education Curriculum contains information about the provisions and can be downloaded in full below.





The provisions of the Education Standards Act (2001) require school boards to consult once in each two years, on the delivery of the health curriculum and to adopt a statement on the consultation process.

All schools then need to implement the health curriculum, including sex-education components which previously, they had an option to exclude. Individual parents however, may request in writing that their children be excluded from tuition of parts of the health programme related to sexuality education.

Consultation on the Health curriculum

The purpose of the consultation is to:

  • Inform the school community about the content of the health curriculum; and
  • Ascertain the wishes of the school community regarding the way in which the health curriculum should be implemented, given the views, beliefs, and customs of the members of that community; and
  • Determine in broad terms, the health education needs of the students at the school.