School Charter

Our Beliefs

  • We honour the Treaty of Waitangi and Māori rights as tangata whenua

  • The learning and growth of our young people is central to all that we do

  • Our students have the right to high quality, innovative academic, social, and cultural learning opportunities and the responsibility to learn from these.

  • Our school is a place where students, whānau and staff feel safe, and are strong and secure in their own cultural base and language. We support the right of all cultures to retain and express their identity and cultural practices and will ensure that our school is responsive to that right.

  • Whānaungatanga is the basis of school organisation and practice

  • The designated-character of Kia Aroha College underpins all learning and practice

  • We will foster a climate of trust, honesty and mutual respect

  • We will develop reciprocal relationships with our community which will be of mutual benefit to families and school and which will support our young people’s learning.

  • We believe that teaching is a reflective profession. We value our teachers and our ancillary staff and will support them in their role and their professional development.

2019-2021 Board of Trustees


Congratulations to our new Board of Trustees! Thank you for your support of our school and community. Further details will be uploaded following the first BOT meeting in June.


Kia Aroha College Charter Goals

  1. To provide an environment which encourages the implementation of the school’s designated character, which takes into account critical culturally responsive, critically conscious and socially just practices

  2. To establish a strategy that reaches out to the community and develops reciprocal relationships which support students’ learning

  3. To attract, retain and develop the highest quality staff and to act at all times as a good employer.

  4. To provide an environment which is conducive to teaching and learning and addresses the physical, cultural and emotional well-being of students and staff

  5. To provide appropriate programmes and strategies aimed at developing learning “as Māori” and “as Pasifika” for Māori and Pasifika students and their families

  6. To provide a quality curriculum programme based on the New Zealand Curriculum and Te Marautanga o Aotearoa

  7. To encourage participation in extra-curricular programmes which enhance health and fitness, stimulate creativity and foster individual and team cooperation and excellence

  8. To demonstrate continuous organisational enhancement