Kia Aroha College has a commitment towards bilingualism.  Research has shown that children who speak more than one language have definite academic advantages across all areas of the curriculum.  We value the first languages of all students and encourage the use of languages other than English in all aspects of our programme.  We also encourage and foster excellence in English.  It is compulsory for all students in the school to learn basic Māori pronunciation and vocabulary as this is a requirement of the national curriculum for all schools.

Te Whanau o Tupuranga is a Māori/English bilingual school within the Kia Aroha College campus

In Fanau Pasifika the following languages are taught:

Fonuamalu, our Tongan bilingual unit  
Lumana’i, our Samoan bilingual programme.  

Although English and Te Reo Māori are the two official languages of Aotearoa/New Zealand, all languages spoken by students are considered to have high status.

All bilingual education programmes in Kia Aroha College aim to achieve, foster and/or maintain longer-term student bilingualism and biliteracy.  Programmes vary according to the language and/or students’ needs.