Kia Aroha College will not label reading, writing, maths or NCEA achievement as “Maori achievement” or “Pasifika achievement” – rather those outcomes will be identified as reading, writing and maths achievement (with nothing uniquely or specifically Maori or Pasifika about them).

The Board of Trustees and staff believe the two opposing approaches to learning below are a tension between our beliefs about achievement and success in Kia Aroha College and national Eurocentric expectations. We respect the mana of each child and believe that “every individual is unique and they have their own time in which to know.” We will not expect therefore that all children will reach the same standard at the same time simply on the basis of their age or year level. We will support each learner to realise their full potential in all aspects of learning and development and ensure our programme is differentiated on the basis of each learner’s specific abilities.

Two different perspectives

  1. [In] tikanga Maori every individual is unique and they have their own time in which to know. …A Maori perspective on this difference is the equality of mana, that applies to poutama; if a person is on Level 1 of knowing in a certain area and another is on Level 6 that person on level 6 has no greater mana than the one on Level 1, that mana is equal, they both have that special power which is the same. (Ngati Porou kaumatua, Dick Grace, in Wilkie, (2007)