Invitation from I-SEEED

I was delighted to accept an invitation to become a Research Affiliate for the Institute for Sustainable Economic, Educational, and Environmental Design (I-SEEED) in Oakland, CA – and subsequently overawed at the illustrious company I had joined!  My invitation said:

I-­SEEED’s mission is:

  1. To train the next generation of climate scientists, energy innovators, health advocates, and social justice educators from low-­income communities and communities of color; and
  2. To create “pathways” between world-­class research and the creation of start-­ups, social enterprises, and whole industries emerging from low-­income communities and communities of color.  

Our vision is to create sustainable cities and schools so that people do not have to leave their communities in order to live, learn, work, and thrive.  Based on your body of work, we think you would be a good fit as a Research Affiliate.

That sounded pretty good to me!  Read more about I-SEEED and follow their press here and download some of their publications.