I was there!

I’m posting this lengthy video because I was actually there – not marching with a banner, because I didn’t feel I knew enough about the USA education issues to actually engage in the protest, but I was inside the Hilton in San Francisco, listening to Arne Duncan, where there were also plenty of signs, and where you could feel the tension from educators in the packed auditorium.  The video is worth taking the time to watch because it tells many truths from people who know what they are talking about!  Why did I expect the issues would be any different from ours?  I could have been picketing – thenarrowing of the curriculum, more and more standardisation,  teaching to the standards, the devaluaing and scapegoating of teachers, charter schools taking funding from public schooling, and the location of charter schools in black and brown communities.

From the auditorium I posted to Facebook:  “Arne Duncan – USA Secretary of Education – presentable, charming, gift of the gab, “it’s all about the children”, we want to listen to teachers and schools, smart comments back at the audience, and clearly no real intention to change anything!  Drawing any parallels here NZ teachers? Scary similarities”!

Be very afraid New Zealand!  This is our Government’s educational agenda as well and what more than ten thousand primary and early childhood teachers, school support staff, parents and other supporters  marched and rallied against throughout NZ on 18 April. Same isues – just add Novopay!

Picket and Protest against US Education Secretary, Arne Duncan. In San Francisco at American Educational Research Association Conference